Algebra Essentials: Curriculum Supplements

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Do you find that your students struggle with the most basic Algebra concepts? Are you often re-teaching integer operations or exponent rules? Then this lesson bundle is for you!

This collection of resources is intended to supplement any early Algebra curriculum (whether Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1). Several important concepts are covered, providing lessons to teach in a way that makes sense so that students retain more.

Topics covered:
  • Integer Operations
  • Absolute value
  • Exponents
  • Order of operations
  • Distributive property
  • Algebra vocabulary
  • Evaluating and simplifying expressions
  • Solving linear equations

This huge collection includes inquiry and problem based lessons to guide students to a conceptual understanding.

In addition, it includes fun and unique skills practice pages, such as challenge mazes and correcting the mistake.

***Pssst! Want to see a sample of resources? Click here to try some of them out!***

In addition, this resource is full of teaching tips so you can teach with confidence, as well as answer keys to make it easy and low-prep to use!

*If you are interested in the Amusement Park project, you can purchase it here: "Build Your Own Amusement Park" project.

*You can also purchase both of these resources together at a discount here: Algebra Essentials BUNDLE.

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Algebra Essentials: Curriculum Supplements

0 ratings
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