Hands On Logic Puzzles with Pattern Blocks

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Are your kids bored when they’re on a school break or spending too much time in front of the television? Why not provide them with fun and engaging puzzles that will keep them busy and give their brains a unique challenge!

This huge resource provides kids with a fun, hands on way to increase their logical reasoning skills! This ebook includes 40 reproducible puzzles so you can print as many as you need for your home or classroom. They are similar to sudoku puzzles, except using shapes instead of numbers. Using pattern blocks as manipulatives allows kids to move them around easily until they find the right solution, rather than writing and erasing over and over.

Benefits of Logic Puzzles and Brain Teasers:

You may be wondering why puzzles like this are necessary or if they will benefit your child at all. I totally get that! Sure, they seem fun, but your kids already have tons of games! These puzzles, however, are not just meant to be fun to play with or keep your kids busy. They are designed to encourage learning through play.

Research has shown that logic puzzles and brain teasers boost brain activity and improve memory as well as concentration.

In addition to being a good and healthy workout for the brain, logic puzzles will increase your child’s math skills because math is logical.

Comprehending math computations and working through word problems requires logical thinking if you want your child to be successful.

Logic puzzles such as these strengthen logical reasoning skills and help brains learn to think outside the box.

Included in this printable puzzle set:

10 cut and paste puzzles to introduce preschoolers to the concept

10 basic pattern block puzzles

10 “4 Square Challenge” pattern block puzzles

10 “X Marks the Spot” pattern block puzzles

Blank “create your own” pattern block puzzle templates

Printable pattern block cards (if you don’t have a set of blocks)

Answer keys (labeled for easy checking)

In addition, all 40 puzzles are in color and black and white for easy printing!

To get the most use out of these puzzles, I suggest you print and laminate all the pattern block puzzles and answer keys.

Then simply store them in a folder with your pattern block set (or the printable pattern block cards) where your kids can pull them out and play anytime!

*Please note that this resource is a downloadable pdf file which is made available to you after checkout. No physical copy will be shipped to you.*

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Hands On Logic Puzzles with Pattern Blocks

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